LimeStone - 7/8" Clear - (by the cubic yard)

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Brand: Island Cache Stone Company
Sold by the: Cubic Yard
Price information: Prices are applicable until December 31, 2022, and may change without notice.

Give some life to your landscape, with our 7/8" clear LimeStone, locally sourced in Prince George. This LimeStone will have a White/Grey Marbled colouring that is highly angular so that it will not move around. It works great for driveways and as ground cover around plants and trees.

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To calculate how much you need:

Take measurement: length (feet) x width (feet) x thickness (feet):

<20 feet x 5 feet x 4 inches --> 20 x 5 x (4/12) --> 20 x 5 x .33 = 33.33 cubic feet

Convert cubic feet to cubic yards:

33.33/27 to convert into cubic yards --> 1.23 cubic yards

Allow for shrinkage from compaction:

To allow for some shrinkage caused by compaction it is a good idea to add at least15% to your number.

1.23 x 1.15 = 1.41 --> Round up to the nearest half cubic yard --> 1.5 cubic yards

How Much Does (1) cu.yd cover?:

Thickness (inches) Coverage (sq.ft.)
1 324
2 162
3 108
4 81
5 65
6 54
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