Striker Black - Driveway 1/2" Minus

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Made in: Prince George, BC
Price information: Prices are applicable until December 31, 2022, and may change without notice.

Striker Black Driveway 1/2" minus is a locally made crushed shale that packs well for driveway uses and looks great with the dark grey...almost black colour. No larger rocks to worry about. Exclusive product for Island Cache Stone Company.

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To calculate how much you need:

Take measurement: length (ft) x width (ft) x thickness (ft)

20 feet x 5 feet x 4 inches --> 20 x 5 x (4/12) --> 20 x 5 x .33 = 33.33 square feet

--> 33.33/27 to convert into cubic yards --> 1.23 cubic yards

to allow for some shrinkage caused by compaction it is a good idea to add at least15% to your number

--> 1.23 x 1.15 = 1.41 --> Round up to the nearest half cubic yard --> 1.5 cubic yards

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