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Why Polymeric Sand for pavers are a good idea.

What the heck is Polymeric Sand? Good question and one we get all the time. Polymeric is a fancy science name that basically means, for our purposes anyways, a manufactured sand that has been created to serve a certain purpose.

What is that purpose? To bind with water so that the sand seals between the pavers. This serves several advanatage such as:

  1. Great Joint stabilization

  2. Discourages weed growth and ant infestation

  3. Added resistance against natural erosion (normal sand may wear away overtime)

  4. Quick & simple application

  5. It comes in mulltiple colours which gives amore aesthetic appearance of paver joint .

What do you need? (Besides the plymeric sand, of course)

  1. Push Broom

  2. Small Compactor

  3. Garden Hose

How do you use it? (You are full of great questions today!)

  1. Make sure you have ran a small compactor over your paver project. This help keep them from shifting later on.

  2. Grab a bag, I reccomend buying some at Island Cache Stone Company (of course), and pour it around your fantastic paver project. Did you use the Flagstone Pavers? They are one of my favorite and a perfect example for polymeric sand. Note: Make sure the pavers are dry before doing this or the sand will start to activate.

  3. Simply sweep the sand between the cracks with an every day push broom, making sure that the cracks are filled, but don't overfill or leave any on top of the pavers themselves. A good rule of thumb us to leave a 1/8" gap.

  4. Grab your trusty compactor and give a few passes over the pavers in all directions. Note: You may need to repeat steps 3 & 4 at least once more as the sand settles.

  5. "Just add water!" Grab your favorite hose and spray onto the pavers, while allowing the water to settle and absorb into the cracks. You don't need blast it on and blow the sandout. The activation process has begun. Note: Try your best to ensure you leave the pavers as clean as possible, as it may be hard to clean after it dries.

  6. This may be the most important step...Enjoy your new pavers!

Feel free to contact us at Island Cache Stone Company for any question or design ideas. We are more then happy to show you around the yard and demostrate how to use any of the products.

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